Spencer McDowell
Full Name Spencer McDowell
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1996-1997
Relationships Taylor Holden (ex-girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School (alleged)
unknown college
First Episode Castle on the Hill (2903)
Last Episode Piece by Piece (2910)
Reason He was arrested for stalking and bringing a gun to a school
Portrayed By Douglas Booth

Spencer McDowell was a junior at an unknown college.

Character HistoryEdit



  • He has appeared in 5 episodes.
  • He once stated that he went to Lake Munro High School and graduated in the class of 2015. However, this was never confirmed and could have been a lie to gain Taylor's trust.
    • During the lockdown several teachers see him but none seem to recognize him so this could mean he lied, or he was not well known.