Nancy Hinerman
Bella Thorne
Full Name Nancy Hinerman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1997-1998
Family Sue Hinerman (mother)
Relationships Vince Rose (ex-boyfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Looking for An Echo (1306)
Last Episode Chasing Cars (2) (2117)
Reason Transferred to a cyberschool
Portrayed By Bella Thorne

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Character HistoryEdit

She goes to the high school for 8th after the middle school burns down.She is very out-going and shows a liking for Vince. In season 14 she starts dating Vince. She gets on drugs and gets high constanly. Vince breaks up with her after finding this out. In season 16 she goes to rehab for her addiction. In season 17 she still has feelings for Vince. She finds him when he attempts suicide due to the bullying and calls 911. Later, she tries to help him which just makes Vince scream at her. In season 18 she befriends Olivia. In season 19 she convinces Vince to get help for his sucidial thoughts and he agrees. After Olivia gets kidnapped Nancy tries to help the police find her. When the kidnappers call and say she is dead, Nancy breaks down. Erin helps her through it, and they become friends. In season 20, towards the end of the year her and Vince break up, because he is moving. In season 21, she tries to get over Vince. Erin takes her "boyfriend shopping" to take her mind off of him. She later develops depression, and Erin convinces her to go to see a doctor. She disagrees, but Erin tricks her into going to the doctors. She is prescribed anti-depressants, and, not wanting to take them, begins to sell them to students. She gets caught and is given a three week suspension, which is a lighter punishment because of what she is dealing with. Later, she returns from her suspension and her downward spiral continues. She hits her all time low, and attempts suicide. Erin finds her and calls 911. In the hospital, she tells Erin that she and her mom decided that she should leave Lake Munro, and attend cyberschool. Erin is sad, but then decides to throw a good-bye party for her, and invite all of her friends.

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