List of Lake Munro students, graduates, and relatives who were impregnated, died, developed disabilities etc.

Pregnancies (Shown On-Screen)Edit

  1. Sammi Rose and Josh Blake > (Born Charlie Blake-Rose)
  2. Emma Koch and Jake Latrelle > (Born Colton Latrelle)
  3. Erin Thorne and unnamed man > (Born Julia Thorne)
  4. Sammi Rose and Zach Richards > (Born Tyler Richards) (born post high-school)
  5. Skai Evans and Noah Jameson > (Born Michaela Evans Jameson)

Mental Disabilties Edit

  1. Paul Tyler - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Anxiety
  2. Nancy Hinerman - Depression
  3. Sarah Lawton - Dyslexia
  4. Jack Lucas - Autism
  5. Peter Edwards - Depression
  6. Jason King - Depression
  7. Andrea Munn - Depression

Cancers Edit

  1. Dan Fielder - Leukemia
  2. Vanessa Rose - Breast cancer


  1. Damon Rose (unknown)
  2. Mrs. Marini (unknown)
  3. Colin Johnson (suicide)
  4. Freddie Jones (went into cardiac arrest after being shot)
  5. Brad Park (car accident)
  6. Susan Tearny (drug overdose)
  7. Maleek Johnson (shot)

Sexual AssaultEdit

  1. Peter Edwards by Coach Snow (multiple rapes)
  2. Jason King by the Coach Snow (multiple rapes)
  3. Olivia Jackson by an unnamed man (rape)
  4. Julia Matthews by ShyGuy123 (groping and attempted rape)
  5. Peter Edwards by multiple unnamed people (groping)
  6. Nick O'Connor by Melanie Yates (statutory rape)
  7. Kendall Warren by multiple unnamed men (rape)

Siblings - Older and youngerEdit

  1. Sammi Rose, James Rose, and Vince Rose
  2. Zach Richards and Ally Richards
  3. Brandon Nelson and Jasmine Nelson
  4. Jordan Tyler and Paul Tyler
  5. Cody Gorden and Lilly Gorden
  6. Aaron Lucas and Jack Lucas
  7. Zoey Tearny and Ethan Tearny
  8. Maya Thompson and Kylie Thompson
  9. Dave Tirpack and Julia Matthews
  10. Tyler Kennedy and Dylan Kennedy
  11. Hayden Warren and Kendall Warren


  1. Freddie Jones (bisexual)
  2. Aaron Lucas (gay)
  3. Cameron Bell (gay)
  4. Luke Brooks (bisexual)
  5. Zoey Tearny (gay)
  6. Amanda Green (gay)
  7. Rayin Borah (gay)
  8. Kendall Warren (bisexual)
  9. Ben Santiago (questioning)

Drug Use Edit

  1. Tiffany Lowe
  2. Colin Johnson
  3. Freddie Jones
  4. Luke Brooks
  5. Nancy Hinerman
  6. Bianca Novack
  7. Peter Edwards
  8. Paul Tyler
  9. Owen Powers
  10. Mackenzie Gardner
  11. Kendall Warren

Parental Abuse Edit

  1. Rico Marini by Mr. Marini (physical abuse)
  2. Jasmine Nelson by Mrs. Nelson (mental abuse)
  3. Zoey Tearny and Ethan Tearny by Susan Tearny (physical & mental abuse)
  4. Kendall Warren by Mrs. Warren (mental abuse)
  5. Rayin Borah by Mr. and Mrs. Borah (physical & mental abuse - sent to gay conversion therapy)