Josh Blake
Drake Bell
Full Name Josh Blake
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1990-1991
Family Chris Blake (mother)
Charlie Blake-Rose (son)
Relationships Sammi Rose (ex-girlfriend)
Job Student
Car Mechanic (5-9)
School(s) Lake Munro High School
unnamed military school
First Episode It's Only The Beginning (101)
Last Episode Band of Gold (1635)
Reason He had only returned for the wedding
Portrayed By Drake Bell

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Character HistoryEdit

He is the bully at school and his mom, the principal, and Vince Richards start dating. Zach tells him this to which he gets angry and slams Zach against the lockers. He also slams Sammi into the lockers after she stands up for Zach. He brings a gun to school and acciently shoots his mom in the leg. His mom then sends him to military camp. He comes back in season 3 to speak about his changes. When he graduates he comes back. It is reveled in season 5 that he and Sammi dated and that Sammi will have a baby. He comes back and protects her which drives Zach crazy. He is last seen with Sammi in the hospital after the baby has trouble breathing. He returns in season 16 at Zach and Sammi's wedding.

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