James Rose
Nathan Kress
Full Name James Rose
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1992-1993
Family Vanessa Rose (mother)
Damon Rose (father; deceased)
Sammi Rose (twin sister)
Vince Rose (brother)
Charlie Blake-Rose (nephew)
Tyler Richards (nephew)
Zach Richards (brother-in-law)
Relationships Ally Richards (ex-girlfriend)
Kathy Zukaski (ex-girlfriend)
Job Student
Teacher (since season 18)
School(s) Lake Munro High School (graduate)
First Episode There She Goes (201)
Last Episode Through the Years (2) (1828)
Reason Went back to college
Portrayed By Nathan Kress

James Rose is a graduate of Lake Munro in the Class of 2011. He has since finished college and became a teacher.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts Lake Munro in season 2 when he and his mom come to live with Sammi. He tries to date Alli but her father disapproves although they sneak it anyway. They break up for a little while until her father lets them date. They break up in season 5 after he gets too controlling. He goes out with Kathy in season 7 but they break up after she befriends Tina. He is their when Brandon pushes Vince down. He, Joey and Brandon get into a fight until Sammi yells at them to break it up. In season 12 He graduates and is a student teacher at Lake Munro. He gets a student teaching job and teaches in Vince's classes. In season 14 Erin develops a crush on him and does really well in his class. In season 15 Erin asks him on a date but turns her down because of the school rules and she burns down his classroom. She gets suspened for the rest of the semester. In season 16 he graduates from student teaching and attends college full time. In season 17 he gets accused of inpregnanting Erin, which gets him suspened from college. In season 18 he tries to get back into college, and evantually he succeeds. He is last seen packing to go back to college.


  • He appeared in 192 episodes.
  • He and his sister Sammi Rose are the first pair of twins on the school.