Holly J. Sinclair
Charlotte Arnold
Full Name Holly Jeanette Sinclair
Nickname(s) Holly J. (By Everybody)

Holly to the J
Psycho Witch
Ms. J
Cookie Monster
Holly Frigging J (by Herself)

Gender Female
Date of Birth 1993
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Family Dawn (Birth Mother)
Breann (Half-Sister)
Josh (Half-Brother)
Heather Sinclair (Adoptive Sister)
Mary-Kate Sinclair (Adoptive Mother)
Mr. Sinclair (Adoptive Father)
Unnamed Father (Biological)
Relationships Joey Brook (ex-boyfriend)
Dan Fielder (ex-boyfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode It's Only the Beginning (101)
Last Episode Band of Gold (1635)
Reason Graduated and moved to L.A.
Portrayed By Charlotte Arnold

She is a graduate of Lake Munro in the class of 2011.

Character HistoryEdit

She is very popular and friends with Sammi, Zach, Paige, and is going out with Joey. Joey and Holly J. break up after Paige steals him and that ends their friendship. They rekindle their friendship and she gets back together with Joey in season 3. She is asked by Paige to go to New York and accepts. She leaves Joey behind and they try to keep a long distance relationship. However it doesn't work because when she comes back Sammi & Joey are going out. She is at the airport when Paige leaves for Los Angelas. She is not seen much after that although she was still a regular until season 12. In season 12 she graduates and moves to Los Angelos to see Paige. In season 16 she is seen at Zach & Sammi's wedding as one of Sammi's brides mates.

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