Dylan Kennedy
Jace Norman
Full Name Dylan Kennedy
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1999-2000
Family Tyler Kennedy (brother)
Relationships Sophia Lawrence (girlfriend)
Rebecca Bera (ex-girlfriend)
Taylor Holden (ex-girlfriend)
Nicole Collins (hook-up)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
University of Detroit
First Episode Whatever It Takes (2605)
Portrayed By Jace Norman

Dylan Kennedy is a sophomore at the University of Detroit. He is also a graduate in the class of 2018 at Lake Munro High School. He is the younger brother of Tyler Kennedy.

Character HistoryEdit

Introduced in season 26, when he is a sophomore. He is the younger brother of Tyler Kennedy. He is first seen being bullied by Aiden and Damon, along with Rayin. Later, Dave finds the football players bullying them, and Dave stops them. He befriends Rayin during these events and helps him while Rayin begins to question his sexuality. In season 27, he supports Rayin's decision to come out. When Rayin gets pulled out of Lake Munro by his parents, Dylan feels guilty. Later, he feels lonely after losing his only real friend and tries to begin a relationship with Rebecca. In season 28, he begins to notice the effects from the conversion therapy that Rayin went through. He tries to help Rayin out of it, but Rayin appears to be numb. Later, after a kid who was in conversion therapy with Rayin commits suicide, Dylan helps Rayin plan a memorial service. In season 29, he spends a lot of time with his friends and not a lot of time with Rebecca, which upsets her. Later, she breaks up with him because of this. Later, during the lockdown he gets caught in the hallway with Spencer and he is held hostage. He comes out of it physically unharmed, but he is still shaken up. Later, he helps Taylor with her guilt of bringing Spencer into her life. They grow closer and evantually begin a relationship. In season 30, she breaks up with him after realizing her feelings for him were only out of guilt. Later, he hooks up with Nicole at prom. He is later seen at graduation, graduating with his class. In season 31, he begins college at the University of Detroit. He is seen to be close with Taylor and he meets Danielle. Later, after struggling academically he comes close to failing out of his first semester. He later gets a tutor, Sophia, who he ends up falling for. She helps him with his grades and he tries to ask her out. After finals she agrees to go out with him and they begin a relationship. In season 32, Sophia gets frustrated with him when does not pay attention to the work during their tutoring sessions. She initially gives up and quits being his tutor, but he later apologizes saying he will take his studies more seriously.


  • He has appeared in 60 episodes.