Danielle Wilson
Yara Shahidi
Full Name Danielle Wilson
Nickname(s) Dani
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1999-2000
Relationships Nathan Goldberg (boyfriend)
Hayden Warren (ex-boyfriend)
Job Student
School(s) University of Detroit
First Episode Fire and the Flood (3101)
Portrayed By Yara Shahidi

Danielle Wilson is a sophomore at the University of Detroit.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts the University of Detroit in season 31, she is Taylor's roommate. The two quickly become friends.Later, she helps Taylor when Taylor has trouble adjusting to college life. Later, she organizes a protest against the offensive costumes that some kids are wearing on Halloween. She is told to shut it down and gets into an altercation with some students. She holds her ground, however, and continues the protest. In season 32 she takes an interest in Hayden. Thye begin to date, but she has trouble dealing with his famous parents. They eventually work through it. Later, they take their relationship to the next level. Later, Hayden breaks up with her after he and his sister leave town. Later, she begins to bond with Kendall's ex-boyfriend, Nathan, after they were both dumped in the same way. They later hook-up at a party and begin to date.


  • She has appeared in 16 episodes.
  • She is the first regular character introduced to have never attended or been employed at Lake Munro High School