Come Together (1)
Season 22, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date April 3, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Come Together (1) is the nineteenth episode of season 22.

Main PlotEdit

Cam begins to get harassed by a gang about his sexuality. On his way home from school one day, he is jumped in the park by the gang leaving him badly bruised.

Sub PlotEdit

Corey's life at Lake Munro is finally starting to look up, but he tries to join a local gang and they make him earn his trust. They make him steal money from the school, and later participate in the gay bashing of Cam.

Third PlotEdit

As Erin turns 16 she must decide whether or not she wants to drop out to raise her baby.


  • This episode is named after the song Come Together by The Beatles.

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