Colin Johnson
Leo Howard
Full Name Colin Johnson
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 1998
Date of Death February 2013 (age 15)
Hair Color Brown
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Falling to Pieces (1701)
Last Episode If You Want Blood
(You've Got It) (2) (1907)
Reason Committed suicide after
shooting two students
Portrayed By Leo Howard

Colin Johnson (1998–2013) was a freshman (grade 9) at Lake Munro High School. Following a drug withdrawal, he brought a gun to school and shot two students, one of whom died, before shooting himself in a hallway.

Character HistoryEdit

Starts Lake Munro in season 17 as a Freshman. He knows karate. In season 17 it is revealed that he is a drug addict. In season 18 he begins to do meth behind the school. He asks Freddie to join him. He starts failing his classes and continues to get high. In season 19 Luke starts to do drugs with them. Later on his addiction gets worse and when the guidance counsler tries to help him, he screams at her. He goes home to get a gun and the next day he brings the gun to school. He threatens to shoot Luke but ends up not. He then finds Paul and Erin, and he blames Paul because Paul had the No Drug Club. He tells Erin to leave and Colin shoots Paul in the shoulder. He then sees Freddie, and Freddie tries to reason with him. As Freddie turns to go, Colin shoots him in the back and left him there on the ground. When the police arrive, they find Colin but he shoots himself and dies right there.

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