The Class of 2016 is a class of students attending Lake Munro High School. The first character from this class was first introduced in season 4 as a 5th grader and they began at Lake Munro High School in season 13 as 8th graders. They graduated in the season 26 finale.


Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Former Characters:


  • They began attending Lake Munro in season 13 as 8th graders due to the middle school burning down during the summer before.
    • Due to this they have the longest duration of attending Lake Munro High School.
  • Their freshman year began in season 17 and ended in season 20.
  • The first character introduced from this class was Vince Rose and he was in fifth grade during Season 4.
  • They have had the most characters in their class out of any class on the show.
  • Jasmine Nelson and Dave Tirpack are the only two people from this class to appear during their entire duration at Lake Munro.