Charlie Blake-Rose
Full Name Charles Blake-Rose
Nickname(s) Charlie
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 2010
Family Sammi Rose (mother)
Josh Blake (father)
Zach Richards (step-father)
Tyler Richards (half-brother)
Vanessa Rose (grandmother)
Damon Rose (grandfather; deceased)
Chris Blake (grandmother)
John Blake (grandfather)
Vince Richards (step-grandfather)
James Rose (uncle)
Vince Rose (uncle)
Ally Richards (step-aunt)
First Episode With Arms Wide Open (2) (908)
Last Episode In This Moment (1920)
Reason Moved to Florida
Portrayed By Wyatt Bennett (2019)

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Character HistoryEdit

Sammi and Josh's baby. He is seen mostly on episodes starring Sammi. He is last seen going to live with Josh until Sammi gratuated. He returns in season 16 to be at Sammi and Zach's wedding and he now lives with them. In season 19 he moves to Florida with his mother, step-father, and half-brother.

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