Brooke Winter
Full Name Brooke Winter
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1998-1999
Family Kathy Winter (mother)
John Winter (father)
Relationships Adam Jaurez (ex-boyfriend)
Dave Tirpack (ex-boyfriend)
Peter Edwards (ex-boyfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
Affiliation(s) Lake Munro Drama Club
First Episode A Celtic Heart (1) (2114)
Last Episode The Last Goodbye (1) (3214)
Reason Graduated
Portrayed By Joey King

Brooke Winter is a graduate in the class of 2017 at Lake Munro.

Character HistoryEdit

She first appears in Season 21 with Zoey. They are shown to be best friends. She is the first person to find out about Zoey's home life and encourages her to get help, although Zoey refuses. Later, Zoey denies any knowledge of her alcoholic mother and calls Brooke a liar. This briefly ends their friendship, but they rekindle their friendship after Zoey apologizes and tells her that she got out of that house. She is later seen being supportive of Zoey when Zoey and her brother go into foster care. She is later seen supporting Zoey on her decision to come out. Later, she and Adam begin a relationship. They break up in season 25 after it is learned that Adam is moving. In season 26, she begins a relationship with Dave. They break up shortly after as their relationship is not one she wants in a relationship. In season 27, she and Zoey are excited to begin their senior year. In season 28, she hooks up with a couple guys at a new years party and she gets slut shamed around school after winter break. She confides in Zoey and she helps Brooke through it. Later, she encourages Zoey to talk to Kendall and to ask her out. Later, she hooks-up with and then begins dating Peter, although they break-up after they both realize it is a mistake. They do, however, go to prom together. She is last seen at graduation getting her diploma. She appears again in season 32 helping Ethan and Zoey get ready for Ethan's senior prom.


  • She has appeared in 57 episodes.