Ashley Yorkland
Full Name Ashley Yorkland
Nickname(s) Ash
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1994-1995
Family unnamed mom
Relationships Vince Rose (ex-boyfriend)
James Rose (former crush)
Jake Latrelle (ex-boyfriend)
Jordan Tyler (ex-boyfriend)
unnamed man (hook-up)
Job Student
School(s) Lake Munro High School
First Episode Hide and Seek (306)
Last Episode Friends are Friends Forever (1634)
Reason Graduated
Portrayed By Maria Lark

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Character HistoryEdit

She is an advanced student and starts highschool when she is 13. She develops a crush on Vince Rose in season 4 when he starts school. The start to date in season 5 and but break up after she looks at Vince's brother. She starts dating Jake in season 5. She is at the scene when Vince's mom's car falls down the hill. Although she is still a regular she is only seen at school in Sammi's classes. In season 13 she is a senior and starts dating Jordan. She goes to the hospital when Jordan gets beat up so bad that he has to go. The gang comes after her but a teacher comes and they leave. In season 14 she begins to look into college she gets many offers saying yes and ends up choosing one. She gets offered to leave right then but says she will finish out the year with her classmates. In season 15 she gets a $1,000 off of a radio show and spends it a casino where she gets drunk and cheats on her boyfriend. In season 16 she graduates but loses the scholarship after getting a DUI. She applies to a bunch of colleges but none except. She ends up moving to Nevada with her mom.

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